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Time to Help One of our GGBC Family Members

A very IMPORTANT message from Mr. Steven Meyer

A time to help one of our own is here

Back in 1988 and 1989 - probably in 1990 as well, a young man was very active in support of the Golden Gate Boys Choir.  

He had just graduate from the Singing Boys organization, which basically transformed into the GGBC.  Frank "Skip" Maynard was the tallest bellringer at the Singing Boys, and he even had a history of singing and ringing with Dr. William Ballard at the SF Boys Chorus, before that organization divided, and Skip went with the Singing Boys, and GGBC.  


Photos from past FEAST events show Skip helping to carry the Boars Head at the Old English Christmas FEAST.

I’ve just received a message stating that Skip's son, Samuel, age 11, needs a kidney transplant.  Skip is the donor.  The surgery has been scheduled for September 11th in San Francisco, UC Med Center.

They are trying to raise $60,000 for the family toward the expenses incurred. For instance, Skip and Samuel will need to stay in the SF Bay Area near the hospital for six weeks or more, away from the other three children and mom, as they now reside in Idaho.

Skip was well liked, alway pitched in, and was very supportive of the GGBC foundation and efforts.

NOW it is time to show one of our GGBC family members that we support him.

Please be generous in your donation.  The link where you can GIVE and read more about Skip and his son Samuel is at the Children’s Organ Transplant Association website: 


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