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SUMMER CAMP Information Update

The GGBC 2018 Camp Registration form may be accessed online at the GGBC website:

Click on this link and away you go!

Please take a moment to fill out the registration and send it off as soon as you can.


Camp dates are confirmed at: July 29 through August 5, 2018

 Arrive between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m

Sunday, July 29th, first meal is dinner.  

  Day camp begins with rehearsal at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, July 30th.


Youth Retreat Center, 1965 Reliez Valley Road, Lafayette.

(We are pleased to have the location and dates confirmed.   

The campsite at the retreat center is a very nice one.  

The facilities are clean, safe and accommodate

our program needs well.  

Natural environment, quiet surroundings, BIG SWIMMING POOL!!

Deer, turkeys, birds, California Quail.  

Stars at night, Mt. Diablo view during the day.

Hot Air Balloons sailing by.....

The Youth Retreat Center is nearby.  It feels as if we are out in the country, but we are actually very near to Lafayette, Pleasant Hill and Martinez.  

It is possible for both resident campers (over night) and for day campers to attend.

PLEASE enroll your son(s) for this Summer Music Camp!

The term "camp" may be misleading, in that along with all the fun associated with a traditional "camp", we also accomplish a lot of music learning at these sessions.  

The opportunity of making friends, sharing experiences in and out of music do not always present themselves during the hectic school year.  Traffic, school work, illnesses, et al, distract and interrupt school year classes.  The summer music camp offers consistent and directed opportunities to learn and grow, musically and socially.  

It's fun!

We nvite and encourage non-members to join us at camp and enjoy our program


Parent volunteers typically help camp staff prepare luncheon and dinner meals at the camp.

There is a equipped kitchen at the camp.  Dinner meals are often themed: Chinese Dinner, Filipino Dinner, Greek Dinner (Mrs. Torrey's specialty), Swiss Dinner (Mr. Meyer's specialty).

Lifeguard on duty at all times at the pool (afternoon sessions scheduled daily).

Financial aid ("campership") assistance is limited but available.

For information and requests, contact Steven Meyer ( or Board member Tony Hanley (

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