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It's Our 30th Birthday!

Dear GGBC Member Families and Friends!

Tomorrow is December 6th, 2018 and it is the actual 30th birthday of the Golden Gate Boys Choir and Bellringers.

30 years ago, about 50 people were standing on my front porch at the house in Hayward.  They knew I would be at home that night, having a birthday dinner with my parents, who were visiting from Washington State.  December 5th was my dad's birthday, and December 6th was my birthday. Now it is the GGBC birthday, too.

Those 50 parents were anxious for me to undertake a new venture, which was to found the GGBC, and continue the program of music education with singing, bellringing, concerts, summer camp....and tours, which they had come to appreciate

during the tenure of Dr. William Ballard.

 The Boys Chorus in San Francisco had taken a dramatic turn of administration, philosophy and vision, and those who objected had been told, "if you don't like it, you know where the door is."  Well, that closed one door, but the open door was at 480 Larchmont Street.  Thanks to those founding or charter members, you and I have the 30th anniversary to celebrate this year.

This anniversary year brings a special importance to the events of this year.  The first Christmas Concert, - always a rehearsal for the second one - is over, and Christmas

Concert II is coming up on Sunday, December 16th.  The National Shrine of Saint Francis is where the GGBC is "choir in residence," and since the installation of the new Italian marble floor, has not only beautiful appearance, but enhanced acoustics as well.  This church was the first Catholic Cathedral in California, and dates back to the

Gold Rush Days.

We hope you are planning to attend the Christmas Concert II on Sunday, December 16th at 2:00 p.m. at the Shrine, corner of Vallejo and Columbus Avenue, San Francisco in the historic Italian North Beach District of San Francisco.  Attend as a family if you can.  The boys and bellringers have been working hard to learn and polish their songs.  They deserve a good audience, a full church.

The concert also gives us all an opportunity to introduce extended family and those with boys who might enroll in the GGBC program of music education an opportunity 

to see and hear what we have to offer.  Please invite some family and friends. 

Following the concert upstairs, a catered festive reception will take place downstairs.

This reception will not be the annual FEAST dinner, as we were not able to find the 

resources to produce the FEAST.  However, the Board of Directors has asked the same

KNIGHTS CATERING to offer a reception with food and beverage we know you will 


Your family and your invited guests are welcome at the reception, and again, I do ask

you to make the effort to invite someone - to be in the audience, to check out the choir for their son(s), to become a possible donor, even a Board member, if so moved.

The general public will not be invited to attend the reception, since we have submitted

a budget and top number to Knights. 

There is a parking garage just up the street from the historic Shrine church (on Vallejo

near the North Beach Police Station).  (Street parking is probably not available.)

After the concert and reception, you may enjoy strolling around North Beach for an

Italian dinner, window shopping, some Gelato and enjoying the festive atmosphere

of the area.  Fisherman's Wharf is nearby, as is Ghiradelli Square.  It is a win-win


GGBC parents, remember to check your CHARMS mail box and calendar for rehearsal

times, call times prior to the actual concert.  Combed hair, polished shoes and a belt

on your son's pants would be welcome additions to the concert blue uniform he will be wearing.  

With best regards, I am looking forward to seeing you, your family and your invited guests on December 16, and Happy 30th Birthday, GGBC.

Steven Meyer

Artistic Director

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