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The Golden Gate Boys Choir is a member of Pueri Cantores USA and​ Pueri Cantores International, the official choral music association of the Roman Catholic Church for boy~, girl~ and children's choirs throughout the world.  We are a regional Catholic Boys Choir, which draws many of our member boys and families from parochial and private Catholic Schools.  However, boys of any denomination are welcome as choir members, keeping in mind that we sing liturgical music for Masses and other liturgical events, Christmas Carols and other religious music, as well as folk songs, selections from Broadway musicals and patriotic pieces.  Pueri Cantores International states that anyone who is willing to "sing to the world of God's peace" through music is a welcome collaborator in our efforts to praise God, provide inspiration and offer an excellent music education to our members.

Boys ranging in age from 6 to 12 years old or boys with changed voices from 13 to 18 years old are accepted into the Golden Gate Boys Choir for a probationary three-month period.  This time gives him and his family a chance to see the level of commitment and benefits of membership. Rehearsals for Apprentices are held once a week plus an additional once a month all-choir rehearsal.  Minnesingers and Master Singers attend two rehearsals a week plus the monthly all-choir rehearsal.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


This beginning choral group is taught early sight singing, elementary music theory,  and performance techniques. Beginning polyphony helps train their ears to hold a pitch and harmonize with their fellow choristers.  The older Master Singers act as big brothers to encourage and support the Apprentices learning. ​



At this level, the boys vocal techniques are refined including the ability to sing easily and clearly in their head voice.  Two- and three-part repertoire is learned, and more advanced theory is incorporated into the curriculum.

Master Singers

Our premier performance group has become internationally known for its excellence in the boy choir communities.  They perform extensively throughout the year with Bay Area orchestras, opera, and ballet companies.  This group takes on leadership roles by mentoring the younger boys and encouraging their success, creating a rewarding friendship for both.




Enriching the choral music program is our English handbell program, which provides in-depth experience in close teamwork, note reading, and rhythm.  It also provides the opportunity for young men to remain active in the choir program and advance their music education as their voices change and mature.


Men's Choir​

Further enhancing the GGBC, alumni, dads, older brothers, and ​​​​​​​​​other men from the community provide tenor and bass voices for the performance of great choral literature.  Alumni are especially proud to rejoin their fraternity of fellow singers.  

Tuition Cost


Tuition costs vary by level. The GGBC does make provisions based on need for tuition scholarships.  There are opportunities during the year for fund-raising which families need to support, and the Benefit Drawing may be used to help earn credits toward the separate cost of Summer Music Camp.  

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