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In memory of those who helped found and continue the GGBC in this, our 31st anniversary year.

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John O' Friel

  Concert MC and father of former members Casey, Kevin and Danny O' Friel


Jayna Riner

  Mother of  B1 alumnus David Riner


Reverend John K. Ring

  Generous and supportive pastor of Saint Vincent de Paul Parish, SF


Bernard and Marguerite Savant

  Parents of B1 alumnus Bernie Savant Jr.


Len Silva

  Father of Master Singer and Ringmaster Alumnus, Tim Silva


Willie Williams

   grandmother/guardian of deceased alumnus, Tony Easely


Tony Easely

  alumnus of GGBC

Charles Colety

  former Board President and generous donor

  father of alumnus B1 Ringmaster, Mark Colety, and

  of first GGBC administrator, Adam Colety


Carmela Colety

  Donor of handbell case number 10 and silver bass bells

  mother of B1 Ringmaster, Mark Colety, and

  of first GGBC administrator, Adam Colety

Stanley Lunt

  father of Master Singer and B1 Ringer, Nathan Lunt

John and Annamarie Avanzino

  Charter members and parents of alumnus Matthew Avanzino


Dr. William J. Ballard

  Artistic Director Emeritus


Dwan Burton

 Past Board President and guardian of former member Joseph Burton


Thomas Scott Canterberry

 Father of Ringmaster Thomas Jefferson Canterberry


Wendy "Danni" Cheit

  Mother of alumnus Noah Frank


Bonita Erickson

  Past Board member and mother of alumnus Ian Erickson


Jose Pedro Hernandez

  Father of alumnus Jose David Hernandez


Warren Jones

  Father of singing boy, Kyle Jones


Bruno Morelli

  Father of former member Peter Morelli


James Nolan

  Father of alumni Jeremy, Forrest and former member Christopher Nolan

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