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The Golden Gate Boys Choir boys group and the Ringmaster Handbell group can perform for a variety of events, in addition to their annual self-produced concerts.* The choir and bellringers have appropriate music available for liturgical weddings, general entertainment for community concerts and patriotic music for conventions and special meetings.

Generally speaking, the GGBC requires a minimum of three (3) months advance notice in order to calendar a special event such as a wedding, convention or concert performance.

The GGBC is a member of the International Boy Choir Federation, Pueri Cantores International, and as such also maintains a repertoire of sacred and classical music appropriate for most church services. The choir sings a monthly Catholic Mass at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in San Francisco (2320 Green Street), on the second Saturday of each month at 5:15 p.m.


For information about booking the choir, please contact the artistic director, Steven Meyer, via telephone (510) 887-4311 or email at


“Our entire family and guests would like to tell you - "you were magnificent!" at our daughter's wedding at Saint Dominic's. Guests reported that you were nothing short of heavenly! Your behavior was absolutely impeccable, and your presence, sacred and sublime.”  -Grateful Client



"I am writing to say how very much my wife and I appreciate your work and effort in helping put together, and perform so beautifully, the music at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church for our daughter and son-in-laws’ wedding ceremony. The Golden Gate Boys Choir and Bellringers were terrific. Your professional guidance and counsel, Mr. Meyer, in selecting the music to be performed during the wedding was desperately needed. You did a great job. Thank you.“    -Appreciative Client

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