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Golden Gate Boys Choir and Bellringers

Summer Music Camp




Recommended Articles:


 1 Suitcase or Duffle Bag

 1 Sleeping Bag

 1 Pillow, covered with two cases ( one for each week )

 1 Large Laundry Bag

 2 Large Bath Towels (beach towels preferred)

 1 Bathing Suit

 1 Hat or Cap

 6 pairs Shorts (may include 1 or 2 pairs of jeans)

 6 pairs Long Pants (may include 1 or 2 jeans)

 10 Shirts (T-shirts, and the like for everyday wear)

 10 Undershorts

 10 pairs Socks - two pairs must be white (NO short socks, 

      such as bike socks or sports socks)

 1 GGBC windbreaker

 1 Sweatshirt or light sweater


2 pairs Shoes:

-1 pair for everyday use (NO open-toe)

-1 pair for hiking (NO open-toe)

 1 GGBC white polo shirt

1 pair Navy Blue Shorts for camp concert

1 Black Belt for camp concert

1 Backpack for supplies and hiking

1 Flashlight, with extra batteries


Personal Medical Prescription (in original container with dosage prescribed by a pharmacist) must be turned in to the camp nurse upon arrival.


Personal Toilet Supplies

• Toothbrush, Toothpaste

• Body Lotion

• Soap with Soapdish

• Comb

• Shampoo

• Deodorant

• Water Bottle

• Chapstick®

• Insect Repellant / Sunscreen (OFF™ Brand)

• Kleenex® Tissue


Optional Articles

• Spare eyeglasses

• A baseball glove or other pack-able sports


• Books

• Board Games

• Puzzles

• Cards

• Stationary and Envelopes for mailing

• Postcards and stamps for mailing

• addresses for writing home and to friends

 Music Supplies

• GGBC red portfolio bag

• loose-leaf paper

• music theory books

• sharpened pencils (at least 5) in pencil case


**Please Note:

• Mark all items with an indelible marker

• NO electronic games

• NO food in cabins (so don't bring any)

• NO candy (so don't bring any)

•  NO knives (i.e. Swiss Army®)



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